Jun 3, 2012

May Favorites! (2012)

My monthly favorites for May are rather predictable. I've actually decided to include some random favorites since I've worn less makeup this month than I usually do.
  1. Bellaboo skin care products - I don't have every product from the Bellaboo line (I am including masks in this) but I am really enjoying the products I have. In fact, I plan on posting a review in about 3 weeks or so. The reason I'm not posting a review now is because you really need to try out a skin care product for at least a month before you decide whether or not it is working.
  2. Less heat styling for my hair - typically I used to use my hair dryer every single day. Now I am only using it once or twice per week and I can tell a difference in my hair. I'll admit that I shampoo every single day, but if I didn't my hair would be gross. I've tried dry shampoo and I haven't found one I like, so I'm completely fine with shampooing my hair daily.
  3. Boy Meets World - so it's my summer vacation now and although I am taking some online classes (so I can graduate in 3 years) when I do have down time, I've been watching a bit more TV than I would like to admit. A rediscovered favorite is Boy Meets World
So hopefully my June favorites will be more interesting and beauty-related. I'm trying the $20 makeup challenge soon and I actually want to create as many different looks with it as possible.