About the Author

I am a 21 year old junior in college. I first began to read beauty blogs around the same time I stumbled upon the YouTube beauty community: spring 2008. I spent the next few years building my collection and now that I have more makeup than I could probably ever use, I am trying to use things up. My goal is to have a manageable makeup collection with a variety of products without the overwhelming feeling that comes with having drawers upon drawers of makeup. My other goal is to review the products in my collection. Eventually I want to create tutorials, but I haven't decided if that will be through my YouTube channel or if I will do step-by-step tutorials with pictures included.

As for personal (non-beauty) goals, I would like to have a career in public relations, event planning, or some form of media. I haven't given my future work goals extensive thought, but I have some time before graduation.

Where Else to Find Me

Technical Stuff

Social networking icons are from here. Pictures from before January 2013 were taken on the iPhone 4S (some still will be). Pictures from January 2013 on were taken on the Canon PowerShot ELPH110HS.

Frequently Asked Questions

So maybe this isn't an exact list of questions I have frequently been asked, but they can help you get to know me better.

Q- What House are you?
A- According to Pottermore, I'm a Ravenclaw!

Q- What is your favorite drink at Starbucks?
A- It depends on the season. In the winter I love the eggnog latte (although nobody else seems to!), in the spring I drink the vanilla latte or caramel macchiato, in the summer I drink the shaken iced tea or the iced vanilla latte, and in the fall I drink the chai tea latte or pumpkin spice latte. Of course, these all change within my mood, so if I really want a chai tea latte in the spring, I'll still get it ;)

Q- Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?
A- Prisoner of Azkaban (although Prisoner of Azkaban is my least favorite of the movies... funny how that happens). The order of preference I have for the Harry Potter books is: Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of the Phoenix, Goblet of Fire, Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, Deathly Hallows, Chamber of Secrets, and Half-Blood Prince.

Q- What is your favorite makeup brand?
A- That's a difficult one to answer because I feel like that changes constantly. If I randomly try out a new product and love it, I'm more willing to try something else from that brand. Right now I am loving Rimmel, Maybelline, Wet N Wild, MAC, Stila, and Smashbox.

Have any other questions? Email me or comment below and I will answer them!

FTC Disclaimer

Unless otherwise stated, everything mentioned in this blog has been purchased by myself or given to me as a gift from a family member. I will always give my honest opinion because I've bought some not so great products in the past and I understand how frustrating it is to read a review and then realize later that perhaps the author's opinion has been influenced by something outside the actual quality of the product. I'm currently not sponsored by any companies and therefore I receive no compensation for my posts. Anything that I have received from a company will be noted as such. I do have Google Adsense on my blog.