Aug 24, 2012

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Now I realize that these eyeliners are old news, but I think with any product, the more reviews that are available, the better.

I never go without an eye primer because my eyelids are oily and if I did go without primer, my eye shadows would crease and my eyeliners would smudge (although I will say that I rarely come across a mascara that smudges on me). I am reviewing the eyeliners I got in the "Naked" eyeliner set that came out around Christmas. Somehow they just all found their way to the back of my collection until a few weeks ago.

The shades I own are: Underground, Zero, Stray Dog, Bourbon, and Demolition

Cost: $19 per full-sized eyeliner (in the United States)
Color Range: There are over 20 different colors available, ranging from neutral (Zero, Bourbon, etc) to bright (Electric, Woodstock, etc).
Shade Descriptions:

  • Underground: brownish taupe with a metallic finish
  • Zero: matte black (but it isn't the blackest black you will find - if you want that, try Perversion)
  • Stray Dog: metallic grayish taupe
  • Bourbon: bronze/brown with gold glitter
  • Demolition: matte brown

Overall Impression: These eyeliners are creamy, but when used alone, they do smudge on me no matter how careful I am to apply lightly. I love the colors and typically set them with eye shadows in similar colors. That keeps the liners in place all day, but it also adds an extra step to my makeup routine. These liners also don't apply very well to my waterline for some reason.

I have heard that Milani and Nyx both have comparable eyeliners, but I have yet to try them. Until I try out some other eyeliners, I won't be buying these unless I want a color I can't find elsewhere. Below are swatches of the eyeliners along with how they looked after doing a smudge test by rubbing my finger over the swatch.

Although the Urban Decay website says the eyeliners can be smudged within the first 30 seconds, they still did after at least a minute. This is why I wasn't overly impressed. My Revlon Colorstay eyeliners might be on the dry side, but they last longer (speaking of, I intend to do a review of the Revlon Colorstay eyeliners soon - I just have a couple more colors I want to try and I'm trying to wait until September 1).

How do you feel about these eyeliners? What are your favorite eyeliners?

Shades (top to bottom): Underground, Zero, Stray Dog, Bourbon, and Demolition. Left is right after application, right is the smudge test after I let it "set" for over a minute.