Aug 19, 2012

Beauty Purchase Restriction Update (Final?)

This may or may not be my final update to the (failure of a) project I began in June. I've honestly finished so many hair, bath, and body products that would have been impossible to keep track of if I hadn't kept them all in a bag. It seems that I will not be able to finish anything else until August 1, but I figured I would include pictures of what I have finished since my last post.

Heading into this project, I did not realize how many half-empty (or less) bottles of products I actually had. The only thing I finished in this group of products that I have repurchased is the Stridex, but after I finish the bottle I am currently using, I will not be purchasing them again because I'm interested in trying Lush Tea Tree Water.

I replaced my Bellaboo mask with the Yes to Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial mask (I still love homemade honey-based masks, but I had heard about this mask and decided it was worth a shot since honey masks can be very sticky) and I replaced the Clean & Clear Drying Paste with the Mario Badescu Drying Cream (it's too soon to give a full review of this, but so far I am impressed).

I will be posting "empties" blogs periodically and if I go on another no-buy I will be a little more strict with the rules. Thankfully my collection didn't explode even though I cheated quite a few times (hence why my little mission/project was a big failure). I would say the best thing is that I can go into a store, see something I might like, and just walk away - although it is a bit of a challenge when the products are limited edition. I'm quite happy with what I have and I will be even happier once I can fit everything into a smaller space.