Aug 17, 2012

Back to School: How I'm Packing My Makeup!

This post may or may not be helpful because it is short and simple, but I promised I would write it, so here it is!

I have tons of makeup bags I've accumulated over the years (I certainly don't need them all, but I have them for some reason). Since I am transporting a larger amount of makeup this year than I did last year, I need a different method of transporting it (last year I had it all in a hanging organizer from Vera Bradley and at some point it all ended up in a different makeup bag by the end of the year). Since I want to avoid any messy situations, I am packing my items by drawer (face, eyes, lips). I am doing the same for my nail polish. Now, some of my brushes will be going in the makeup bag I took on vacation, but others will be in a different bag since I can't fit all of them in that bag.

When it comes to transporting makeup, the best thing to do is what you feel comfortable with. I know some people transport their makeup in the storage unit they're using at school. Other people just put it in a box and call it a day. I like my method because I know what is in each bag so if I want to find something out of my makeup stash (since I move in a few days and I have already packed my makeup).

Hopefully this post was not entirely pointless. I have a few more ideas for this series that I will be posting over the next week (along with some other posts, too). Have a great weekend! :)