Nov 4, 2012

Updated Foundation Routine! (November 2012)

So I've finally switched my foundation routine up a bit, so I thought I would share it! So far I am pleased with the combination of products I am using. I've only been doing this routine for a few days, so if my opinion of anything changes, I'll be sure to post an update.

  • Moisturizer: Right now I am using the travel sized version of the Willa Clear Face Moisturizer. I was curious about this because it is a liquid moisturizer, so I bought the overnight kit (with a bag, cleanser, and the moisturizer). I like this moisturizer, but I think I will need something more hydrating in the winter, so at the moment I'm working on finishing it up. I also occasionally spray the Mario Badescu facial spray after applying moisturizer (really I use it sporadically... either way it's a nice product).
  • Treatment: Clindamycin 1%/Benzoyl peroxide 5% gel. This is just the generic form of Benzaclin. I was prescribed this two weeks ago and you can't buy this over the counter. I don't like the fact that it contains benzoyl peroxide, but my dermatologist said to use it and I decided to listen (for the time being, that is). I'm putting up my skin care routine post within the next few weeks, so if I end up liking this I'll be sure to include it.
  • "Foundation": L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. This is said to prime, perfect, hydrate, and correct. It's a nice product, but there isn't much in the tube, so I'm not sure if it is worth the money at full price (if you can get this on sale, I recommend at least trying it). It gives light to medium coverage and doesn't leave my face in a greasy mess. Dare I say this, but I think I am beginning to like this better than my Smashbox BB cream. I've noticed my skin is less oily, but I also realize this could be a number of factors (the change in my skin care, the changing weather, and the change of my foundation routine)
  • Concealer: I've been using the Revlon PhotoReady concealer for a while and I intend to use it until I finish it. If I repurchase it, it'll be a while.
  • Powder: Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder foundation. This has light to medium coverage and it has an SPF of 20.
I don't have a blush I use every day right now - I just use whatever I feel like using for the day. What products are you currently using for your foundation routine?