Mar 30, 2013

Guilty Pleasure Products

Although I strongly encourage all of you to buy products with the very best ingredients possible, I can admit that there are times when I do not follow my own advice. I realized this when I was close to finishing most of my remaining body washes (I had maybe a 3-4 day supply and I wouldn't be home for spring break for another week). See, my school is in a rural area, so in the immediate area there is a CVS and a local grocery store. If I am willing to drive a little, I can get to a Walmart, but getting to the nearest Whole Foods would require a lengthy drive (and consequently, I would end up driving straight past my home anyway, so it makes sense to wait until I am home). This makes my purchasing options very limited when I am in need of something. And yes, I know... I am the kind of person who typically plans far ahead so things like this do not happen. This time, I just wasn't prepared.

Since I do look at the ingredients of everything I buy, just looking at and choosing soaps and body washes at Walmart can be a nightmare. On the particular occasion when I caved and bought what I am about to mention below, I was also helping my boyfriend to find a product that wouldn't irritate his eczema. We probably spent ten minutes in the aisle analyzing prices and ingredients. He is less picky about his ingredients than I am (and more conscious of price) and his goal is to buy something that will work. I can appreciate that because sometimes "natural" products just don't work AND they cost more than conventional items. Eventually he decided to try the Dial Gold Antibacterial soap bars for nostalgic purposes (they were a staple at his grandmother's house, as was the liquid hand soap by the same name). Even though I try to avoid heavily fragranced products, I had to take a whiff of the soap and it reminded me of hotel soap and something else (I still don't remember where else I have smelled this soap). Some people may be cringing at this point, but for some reason I was a big fan. We went on our merry way, but the soap crept back into my mind when I was showering (and it reminded me that my supply was running short - normally I would be willing to try my shampoo as a body wash, but for some reason my brain rationalized that just buying the Dial soap was necessary). Later that day, I caved and drove to Walmart to buy the same soap my boyfriend had purchased the day before.

That was an excessively long introduction. My point is that sometimes there are products I just want to buy or use even though they conflict with my purchasing norms. Typically I buy these things when I am feeling nostalgic or in a pinch. Sometimes I am happy with the purchase, but other times I realize why I do not usually jump for joy when I see certain products
  • Dial Gold (bar soap): I adore how this smells. It doesn't feel too bad on my skin. The ingredients annoy me, though. Oh, and you can buy them in bulk at some Sam's Club locations if you have a membership (and I have looked through different prices near where I live and it is just under $7 for 20... which I will have to confirm in person). 
  • Lip Smackers: the Dr. Pepper one actually burns my lips. The rest just smell good and taste waxy.
  • Neutrogena skin care products: It has been about a year since I have bought Neutrogena skin care, and although external skin care is no replacement for healthy habits, I still find the temptation to buy Neutrogena products from time to time.
  • Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Shampoo/Conditioner: I first tried this in high school when I was playing my family's annual Christmas Bingo game (we all bring items under $5 and when somebody gets a "bingo" they can choose anything that is on the table - I chose these). Although the ingredients are not impressive, I love how affordable the shampoo and conditioner are. I also love how they make my hair feel. I have a bottle of each left at my mom and dad's house and even though I have said goodbye to sulfates I feel the temptation to finish the bottles. I probably will at some point.
What are your "guilty pleasure" products?