Nov 12, 2012

Review: Grandpa's Thylox Acne Treatment Soap

As you may know, I am on the quest for natural skin care products that work with my acne-prone skin. I've also been learning about treating acne on the inside (I might try to write about that, but it will probably not be in the near future... it's a big task and I've only done minimal research). So, I ordered a few products from iHerb a while back. I picked things with positive reviews and decided to review them myself as I try them out. An item I was particularly excited about was Grandpa's Thylox Acne Treatment Soap with Sulfur.

Now, it's a bit ambitious to expect a product to completely "cure" acne, but there are products that help. I personally find that salicylic acid does nothing for my skin, benzoyl peroxide is very drying and irritating (even if it does work for a lot of people), and although tea tree oil is natural, it still doesn't seem to have an effect on my skin. I've only tried one other sulfur product, and I can't even remember what it was (other than the form: I know it was a cream). So naturally I wanted to see how this would work for my skin. As I mentioned before, I got this from iHerb, but you can also purchase it from and Vitacost. I have not seen this particular soap sold at any retail stores I shop at, but I could be mistaken.

Now, the directions are very important for this. As the box says, wash your face like you normally would, but instead of instantly rinsing, you have to let it dry for one minute. This can help the medication sink in. Now, how did it actually work?

This product is so-so for my skin. It contains sodium cocoate, which is derived from coconut oil and generally doesn't work with my skin type (as I discussed in my review of Kirk's castile soap). My guess is that if you like Dr. Bronner's or Kirk's, then you will probably enjoy this.

I would suggest not using this to remove eye makeup (from the reviews I have read, some people have, but one day when I was showering some slid down my forehead and near my eye... not even in it, but close to it, and it burned quite a lot). That being said, I wouldn't describe this as a harsh soap. 

There is an added fragrance, but I wouldn't call it unpleasant. I would prefer it if this was fragrance free, but sulfur generally has an unpleasant smell, so I can see why it was added to the soap.

Bottom line? This cleansed my skin, but performed no miracles. For reference, I have used this for a little over two weeks.

Update: I don't think I will be repurchasing this. I keep using the Kiss My Face Olive & Green Tea soap on my face and I just think it feels so much nicer on my skin (and it's one less product to worry about in my bathroom) - I will be finishing this, though, since it's not a bad product.