Oct 16, 2012

Personal: One Year!

This is a more personal post, but the subject matter is something I am always interested in. My boyfriend and I became "official" one year ago today. It's just something exciting I thought I'd share!

Now for some random facts about us (I will keep him unnamed and I will be keeping his picture off my blog/YouTube channel until he wants to be on there):

  • I am 5'4" and he is a little over 6'5". Some people think the height difference is awkward and others think it's adorable. Obviously my opinion falls in the latter category.
  • We both drank coffee for the first time under the age of one.
  • We met each other through mutual friends (they met purely by chance)
  • I am one year, one month, and two days older than him.
  • We bonded through several interests: Star Wars, coffee, the movie Airplane, and too many other things to count. We think similarly, but our academic interests are very different (that is probably the only significant difference between the two of us)
  • Our entire relationship has been long distance (although not too long). Last year (he was a senior in high school) his house was over 2 hours from my school. His house is about 40 minutes from mine (not too long at all), and his college is a little over an hour from mine. Props to couples living more than two hours away from each other.
  • We both prefer cats over dogs
  • We both love Whole Foods (quite a lot of people our age think it's an odd store)
Do you have someone special in your life?