Sep 16, 2012

Review: My Lush Hair Products!

I posted my first Lush haul in July and since then I've really had a chance to try the products I bought. I was intrigued by the solid shampoo bars (and then shocked when I found three different shampoo bars from a brand at Whole Foods!) and I had heard some great things about the conditioners.

Before I get myself too off subject, I will mention what I do own: the Jumping Juniper solid shampoo and American Cream conditioner. I picked Jumping Juniper based on the recommendation of an employee at Lush and I picked American Cream over other conditioners because it was available in a small bottle so I wouldn't be stuck with it if I hated it and also because it's supposed to be more hydrating than Veganese (which is also available in a smaller bottle).

Jumping Juniper ($9.95) is specifically for oily hair. I actually wash my hair every day because of the oiliness of my scalp. I've tried skipping days before and the feeling just bothers me. Anyway, I use Jumping Juniper once or twice per week to remove any buildup from products (and buildup from my other shampoo). I enjoy the smell, but I'm terrible at describing scents. It is a bit strong, but to me the scent is pleasant and fruity and maybe has a hint of floral. I probably would repurchase this once I finish it.

American Cream ($9.95 for a 3.3 fluid ounce bottle) is supposed to be suitable for all hair types. I feel like this conditioner feels a bit too heavy for my hair, but it also isn't extremely moisturizing. It doesn't do much for my tangles. The bottle claims that it smells like strawberry vanilla cream, but I personally think it leans more on the strawberry side than the vanilla side. I actually don't think I'll be buying this again. I've found cheaper conditioners that work better for my hair. I will say since you can buy such a small bottle that it's still worth a try if you are curious.

I plan on trying the Seanik solid shampoo bar and once I do, I will post a review as soon as I have a fully formed opinion on it. I won't be trying it until I finish Jumping Juniper, though.

What are your favorite Lush hair products? Your least favorite?