Aug 15, 2012

Review: NYX Round Lipsticks (in "Stella" and "Chic")

I've been meaning to post this review for a while now and to be honest, I'm not sure why I haven't. These are the only NYX lipsticks I have ever owned and to be honest, I am not exactly impressed. The colors I own are Stella (left in every photo) and Chic (right in every photo).

  1. These are inexpensive. I'm talking $4-5 at Ulta.
  2. No waxy scent (the first lipstick I ever bought was by N.Y.C. and it had this awful waxy taste/scent and it is the reason it took me so long to try other lipsticks - because the feel and taste was so unpleasant).
  3. There are plenty of shades, so if you want to experiment with colors, this is a great way to start.
  4. The two lipsticks I own are true to color if you build the color up (what you see on the package is what you get on your lips... eventually)
  1. They feel dry on my lips and accentuate any dry spots
  2. Application is also rather difficult due to the dryness.
  3. There is glitter in "Stella" that is a bit off-putting. It just looks strange on my lips. There is shimmer/glitter in Stella, but it does not have the same effect.
  4. Length of wear is not impressive - but then again, it doesn't claim to last all day, so this is one of those "kinda sorta" cons.
Would I personally buy these again? Nah, but I'm not even crazy about lip products. But I do think these are great if you want to build up your collection and try out different colors. Just make sure your lips don't have any sort of flake on them, or the effect won't be so nice.