Aug 12, 2012

Back to School: Makeup Storage! (Dorm Room Style)

I will be entering my sophomore year of college in a few weeks and although I barely took any makeup with me last year, I plan to take as much as possible without taking up too much space. This decision prompted me to go on a search for proper storage for my makeup and brushes for my dorm room (last year all of my makeup was in a makeup bag, which is good when you want to finish certain products, but the trade off is a lack of variety). My acrylic storage unit for home is nice, but doesn't quite fulfill my needs for my dorm room.

Of course, I found one item I loved at Target (I've always preferred Target over Walmart for shopping on a budget). I found Sterilite drawers that were the perfect size for what I wanted (one drawer for face, one for eyes, and one for lips). I will be storing most of my makeup and brushes on my desk, but since I actually use my desk for studying (a lot of my friends don't because it does become uncomfortable after a while), I didn't want to take up too much room. My brushes and some eye products (primer, eyeliner, mascara, anything in stick form) will be in two separate pencil holders. The ones I found were $3 a piece and they aren't the "prettiest" form of brush storage, but I didn't want anything that would break and I also prefer function over appearance.

I think some (or maybe even most) people will find my drawers small, but this unit has enough space so I can have a variety of products without taking up too much space. For a beauty blogger, I have a modest makeup collection, and I like to keep it that way so I can really use what I buy (and then post reviews with a fully formed opinion, but once again I digress). Below are the actual pictures of what I am using for storage. Before I move I will show how I am packing my makeup (PS- I found quite a few old makeup bags and pencil cases just sitting at the back of my closet. I was glad to find out that I hadn't actually lost my old makeup bags)