Jun 14, 2012

Review: Too Faced Palettes (Naked Eye and Romantic Eye)

It's no secret that I love Too Faced products. The Glamour to Go palette made it into a "Monthly Favorites" post and I've mentioned the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette in a recent haul post. I figured it would be fun to review the two Too Faced palettes I currently own!

I've had the Naked Eye palette for quite a few months and I was given the Romantic Eye palette for my birthday. The Too Faced palettes have slightly different packaging now. Both still use cardboard rather than plastic The Naked Eye palette I own has a drawer with an applicator I never really used, so I don't mind that the palettes no longer include the applicator. I really like that the packaging is thinner because I've always found the original packaging to be a tad bulky. But enough about packaging! What's important is the contents of the palettes.

Each palette contains 9 eye shadows and is priced at $36, meaning that you're spending $4 per shadow. Considering the fact that a lot of drugstore singles are in a similar price range, this is a great deal, especially since the quality of these shadows definitely surpasses the quality of some drugstore singles I have owned in the past (I have bought and loved drugstore shadows, especially recent releases, but some drugstore shadows are still chalky and lower quality). Each palette has three base colors that are larger than the other six shades. The palettes also contain cards that give instructions for the three looks in the palettes, but since makeup has no rules you can certainly mix and match. The three looks for each palette are called the Day, Classic, and Fashion looks. I would say where both palettes are concerned that each look is wearable for daytime whether it is designated as a day look or not.

The palettes also follow their themes very well. The Naked Eye palette has shadows that are very natural, but sexy. The shadow names are pretty clever, too (example: "birthday suit"). The Romantic Eye palette follows a bridal theme. There's a mix of matte, satin, and shimmery shadows in both palettes and I will do my very best to describe all of the shades. They will be listed by "look" or row.

Naked Eye:
In the Buff- matte ivory
Pillow Talk- slightly shimmery light taupe
Like a Virgin- matte taupe
Birthday Suit- shimmery beige
Satin Sheets- shimmery golden pink
Unmentionables- shimmery steel gray
Pink Cheeks- shimmery light pink
Lap Dance- shimmery dark taupe
Stiletto- matte black

Romantic Eye:
Soulmates- shimmery ivory - to me, it looks just like a pearl
I Do- matte taupe
Un-Veil- matte deep brown
Kiss the Bride- matte light-medium pink
Cut the Cake- shimmery gray
First Dance- matte dark purple/orchid
Bouquet Toss- matte creamy white
Honeymoon- an extremely shimmery golden color (this one is difficult for me to describe), this particular color and Ever After are what really makes the palette so unique and great in my opinion.
Ever After- shimmery chocolate brown (I also had a tricky time describing this one)

I definitely recommend these. They're worth every penny and I will definitely repurchase them once I've used them up. Now that I've rambled for quite a while, below are the pictures:

The Naked Eye palette and its bulkier packaging (top) and the Romantic Eye palette and its slimmer packaging (bottom).

Swatches on my arm are: In the Buff, Pillow Talk, Like a Virgin, Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets, Unmentionables, Pink Cheeks, Lap Dance, Stiletto

Swatches: Soulmates, I Do, Un-Veil, Kiss the Bride, Cut the Cake, First Dance, Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After