Jun 12, 2012

Restricting My Beauty Purchases!

Once again I feel overwhelmed by all the products I have. So from now until September 1, I will be restricting my makeup and beauty purchases. Now, the reason I say restricting instead of stopping altogether is because I know I will run out of certain things before September. For example, all of my body lotions are at half or less and I only have three. Well, once I finish all three I'll certainly buy one to replace all that I've finished, but I won't buy more than one. If something expires or breaks my skin out, I'll consider it finished as well.

I've already thrown away (and given away) several foundations and primers that just didn't work with my skin. I also posted about doing some spring cleaning a while back. I'll review other products as I use them so you can have an idea of what is good, bad, or average. My goal is to fit all of my makeup in the little acrylic storage unit I have (with the exception of palettes, since most don't fit in there anyway). I'm sure that weeding THAT much out of my collection will probably take a year.

I have accumulated an unreasonable amount of hair products recently as well. I think those will be the easiest to finish off.

I also have too many perfumes and body sprays. The only one I will replace if I finish it is the LaVanila Pure Vanilla perfume I mentioned in a past favorites blog.

So, I'll do my best to update as I finish things up and I hope I can follow through with this project!

Do you guys ever feel like you have too many products?