Apr 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

Although I have posted videos of my makeup collection, I have had this desire to clean out products I don't use on a regular basis. It's difficult to do that while I am away at college, but I did a bit of spring cleaning this past weekend.

Most of the things I ended up throwing out were bath/body and hair-related. Now I only have three body lotions: two at school (Olay Quench Daily Lotion and the St. Ives Naturally Smooth Body Lotion) and one at home (Olay Ultra Moisture Lotion with Shea Butter). I can't even remember how many other body lotions I used to have, but these are all lotions that aren't sticky and none of them have ever irritated my skin, so I thought it would be fair to keep all three of them until I finish them off.

I also only have one shower gel at home and one body wash at school (I had at least six because I wanted to stock up for college, but I ended up getting a rash from the brand I had purchased from). Neither of the ones I still have are bad (one is by Softsoap and the other is by Nivea), but I really want to simplify my routine, so I am now looking for something different. 

As far as makeup products are concerned, I threw out my Revlon Colorstay eyeliner because it was drying up (the lid cracked... probably because my makeup bag is less than sturdy and I traveled with this eyeliner a LOT). I also parted with some lip products that have expired. I plan to buy more lip products because now I have next to nothing left.

As for foundations... it's difficult for me to part with a foundation, even if it doesn't match my skin or last as long as I'd like it to. I didn't get rid of any of my foundations. I definitely have some I won't repurchase, but hopefully I can work with the foundations I have.

I gave some of my blushes to my grandma as she knows a lot of people who don't mind being given gently used makeup. The Hard Candy one I had (I think the shade was Living Doll) was so bright and while it looks nice on some people, it made me look like a clown no matter how lightly I applied it.

Update (5/13): I am now cleaning some face products out of my collection because I have so many foundations. I will make makeup purchases sporadically throughout the summer, but my goal is to NOT spend too much money on makeup... we'll see how that goes ;)