Jun 10, 2013

Update: Project Minimize, Life, YouTube

It has been too long since I have written a blog post. At first, I had hit a busy few weeks at school. But here I am, out of school for almost a month and I have yet to share anything with you.

I think my lack of motivation stems from Project Minimize. If you are unfamiliar with Project Minimize, it has its own page on this blog, but I will explain it briefly in this post. Project Minimize is my goal to only buy 12 products in 2013. Any sort of beauty product is fair game: makeup, hair care, skin care, and so on. I never really established whether my birthday counted or not, so when I received a bit of makeup as a birthday gift (my parents don't "get it" yet), the guilt began to come. I eventually decided not to worry about it, but I know I probably will not meet the 12 item limit I set at the end of December. As a beauty blogger, it is difficult to not try new things every now and then so I can share my opinion. I am still going to keep track of my purchases and I am still going to show all of you my "empties" whenever I have enough to show, but if I go over 12 purchased items this year I will not beat myself up over it.

So how is life going? It's great! I'm transferring to a different school, which is scary but exciting. I might be writing a post or recording a vlog about my college experience and why I am transferring. Of course I'll also be sharing as much as I can.

I am finally setting goals for my YouTube channel. Although it has always been easier for me to write my thoughts and feelings, I want to feel comfortable in front of the camera. What use is a comm major who gets nervous speaking in front of a camera or other people? ;)

One of my bigger YouTube goals is to upload a video every other day in July. I'm not sure if it will happen or not, but I do have several video ideas.

How have things been for all of you? :)