Jul 31, 2012

July Favorites! (2012)

I feel as if my posts for monthly favorites are slowly becoming less and less interesting because I'm so focused on finishing my makeup that I tend to grab things I know I don't love so I can use them up sooner (but if I find that I have a strong dislike for a product, I do not tend to keep it because I hate clutter). Occasionally I do find something I can truly call a favorite, and I am always happy when I can say that something I have spent my money on truly delivers.

Although the E.L.F. eyelash curler is not the best eyelash curler in the world for my eye shape, it IS the best eyelash curler for $1. It has never ripped out any of my eyelashes or pinched my eyelid. I've noticed that I do experience some difficulty when it comes to curling some of my outer eyelashes because of the shape of the curler, but I have that issue with other eyelash curlers.

A more childish favorite is Lip Smackers! The particular flavors I have loved this month are Cotton Candy and Coca Cola. These aren't the most moisturizing lip products on the market, but they do moisturize my lips enough for summer. They also smell great and taste great, so they're overall just fun. For some reason I don't own Dr. Pepper, a cult favorite.

Although I have heard so many praises on the Wet 'N Wild Color Icon eye shadows, it took me ages to actually go out and buy one. When I finally did, I bought Sweet As Candy, but I ignored it for a while and didn't actually try it until this month. I was spending the night at someone's house and I figured this would go nicely with my outfit for the next day. Before I packed it, I tried the trio and I must say I am amazed with the quality of these eye shadows. They are smooth, pigmented, and they show up on my eyelids without primer (this only happened once because it is now a habit for me to use primer - it makes all the difference). The look really was something I would call "sweet" and feminine. Normally I don't wear shimmery pink eye shadows because I have a fear of looking like I have swollen and infected eyes, but this pink looks nice on my lids and all of the colors complement each other very well. I definitely have my eye on the "Walking on Eggshells" trio and I hope Wet 'N Wild will release more colors soon.

I reviewed the Almay Clear Complexion Makeup on here last month and featured it as a favorite last month as well. Although I don't use this every day, I am officially at the halfway mark. I can only name two other foundations I have finished before: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (not the best foundation and definitely not the best shade range) and L'Oreal Bare Naturale foundation (I think it is now True Match Minerals, but to make a long story short, I noticed that I had more breakouts when I used this foundation and I also thought it was very cakey)

When I bought my Too Faced Glamour to Go Palette, I was given a deluxe sample of their Shadow Insurance in "Candlelight" - I only need a small amount for my entire eyelid and I used this nearly every day I wore eye makeup this month (and I think I've had this tube for a long time and I used it several times before this month). The tube isn't even empty - I would say I have at least a week's supply left. I will definitely purchase the full size.

I know lash growth serums are pretty controversial because of the cost (most are very expensive) and some simply do not deliver on any of the promises that are made. I personally think that the Rimmel Lash Accelerator serum is quite a neat product. I had some shorter eyelashes on my right eye (I assume they just came off when I was removing makeup or something... not pleasant). I think this product definitely sped up the growth process of those particular lashes. I won't say my lashes have a significant amount of extra volume or length from this serum, but they do look nicer without mascara. I try to apply this day (on my lashline) and night (as a "clear mascara" of sorts). I don't recommend wearing this under mascara - if you tried, you would probably dislike it. There were also a few nights I forgot to apply it, so that might be why I have not seen dramatic results. I will try to post an update when I finish the tube.

Now, for something that may shock some... I like the Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara. I bought this after discovering what a fail of a product the E.L.F. 3-in-1 mascara was and I am very pleased with how it makes my lashes look. I don't get a dramatic look from this mascara, but I would say it is miles better than the original Great Lash. I like it so much that I may try Great Lash Big and Great Lash with the curved brush. I personally enjoy wetter mascara formulas and this is without a doubt a wet formula. The brush is like a Christmas tree and it really separates my lashes. I only use one or two coats of mascara at any given time, so I am not sure how this would work for people who like to use more than two coats of mascara (which I have always found to be too much anyway).

As for random favorites: I saw the Amazing Spider-man with my boyfriend on his birthday and I thought it was a fantastic film... although the fact that Andrew Garfield is 9 years older than me and playing a high school student just seemed strange. Anyone else notice that Dr. Connors also played Luna Lovegood's father in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1? Another favorite of mine is a bit strange for this time of year, but I have gone through a box of chai tea. My parents love to keep our house slightly... well, freezing, so I tend to drink hot drinks all year round.

That is it for my July favorites. The next time I make a favorites post I will be back at college! It's strange to think that most of my summer is already over. What were your favorites this month?